Our mission is to be YOUR trusted community vet source. To be attentive, compassionate, and provide only the highest quality of advice, education, and supportive care for your pet through all of life’s changes and curve balls. To find the best ways and practices to keep our staff, clientele and pets safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


At ECVC, our vision is to ensure One Health, to attain health equity for all pets in Edmonton, to promote responsible pet ownership, preventative medicine, and provide care to all patients and people that is second to none.


“You are who you are because of those around you.”

Due to our strong sense of community, we believe we can achieve more by working together. Dr. Natasha Russell and her team, not only enjoy engaging with their clients as much as their pets, but appreciate and recognize the incredible force of the animal-human bond. For this, ECVC is committed to providing exceptional healthcare for our pets and will go all the way to reduce stress and maximize wellbeing for all of our patients.