Saying good bye is always the worst and we totally understand that the decision to plan our pet’s end of life care is never an easy one. Please know that we have the most amazing and compassionate team that does our at home pet end of life care, including cremation because we all aspire to give your little one the most peaceful transition possible.

The fees associated with ECVC’s at home pet euthanasia service will vary depending on your cremation choice and location, and varies between $275 and $545 + GST.

Our services are designed to reduce stress and take care of “everything” including: the home vet visit, euthanasia, body removal / transport to the crematorium and return delivery of your pet’s remains / ashes back to your home. Alternatively, we also provide at home pet euthanasia service fee alone (without body removal or cremation).

To start the booking process started, please fill out our online New Client Form

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Of course, we’ll do everything possible to be here for you when that sad time comes, but if you can book with us in advance (1-2 days), this is by far best for everyone in our experience. 

For more resources on saying goodbye (especially if you have young children) please check out our page:

For help deciding when’s the right time, please check out this quality of life assessment and do it often with your family and friends: Quality of Life Scale for Pets online calculator

If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

Big love,

Dr. Natasha P. Russell and The ECVC Team