Most of us share an intense love and bond with our animal companions and as our pets age, or become sick, we worry about how to best care for them. Please don’t go through this alone, we’re here to help! Never hesitate to book a time to chat about how to monitor your pets quality of life, how to improve their quality of life the best we can, why death with dignity is the fairest option, and what we can do to make this sad time easier on you, your family/children and your sick pet.


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We understand how the death of a loved pet can be one of life’s most difficult experiences for our clients. It’s normal to struggle with many intense and painful emotions, including depression, anger, guilt, profound sadness and feelings of loss. Too often, our reaction is to become isolated and remain alone in the early grieving stages, but having someone to lean on can help you through the grieving process; if you feel as though you have no one to call, are concerned about burdening your friends or family, or are thinking about harming yourself, call us at 587-635-5333 Monday to Friday, or one of the 24/7 hotlines listed below:

Distress Line

 1-780-482-4357 (HELP)

Addiction Services Helpline