Studies show that the human-animal bond can enhance our quality of life. It can advance learning in children; be an access point reconnecting adults and children who have become detached; be a life line; or, as many of us know, give our lives purpose and joy.

On the other hand, other studies show that 40,000 children in Edmonton live below recognized poverty levels and 123,700 people work full-time but earn less than $15/hour.

Because we believe healthier pets = healthier families, and that adverse circumstances or financial limitations should not deny a family the benefits and joys of pet ownership, we’re happy to support the local organizations that work hard to promote animal welfare, education, the importance of preventative care, the human-animal bond, and the type of responsible pet ownership that will bring happy pets and their people closer together.

Dr. Natasha Russell believes that participation and volunteering teaches compassion and understanding, and, in addition, teaches the power of action. “One person can make a difference; get like-minded people working together… and watch the possibilities begin to take shape.” It’s with these values and philosophy that ECVC will continue to be active in the community and promote the great programs and worthwhile charities working hard to make Edmonton a better place for everyone.

ECVC would also like to thank you, our clients, for your loyal support and commitment, without you, none of this would be possible.

ECVC Gives Back






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