Telemedicine is the future!

We've done many Telemedicine cases in our first week of "going virtual". So far, we can report that everything is going well! Medications are dropped off  in the pet owner's mailbox/landing (same day) and better yet, no exposure risks for anyone involved! #SuccessCase #TeleHealth #TheFuture #DefinitelyECVC

#DropYourGonch Campaign

ECVC is a drop off location for the Bissell Centre's #DropYourGonch Campaign this July 22nd to July 26th, 2019. Underwear is one of the most requested items by people who are homeless, but one of the least donated, especially for women. The #DropYourGonch campaign aims to fill this desperate need by stocking our 'Community Closet' full … Continue reading #DropYourGonch Campaign