New to 2021: Enjoy the benefits of “no rush” vet care from the comfort of your home.

We’re available seven days a week for our ECVC pet families! Rest assured, Dr. Russell has your back and is happy to partner with your pet family for the long run! Allowing us to help optimize your pet’s health care, through thoughtful and thorough vet consultation, included in every step and life stage of your pet family, because we all know that important pet questions and concerns can’t always wait for your next annual vet visit! 

Please note, because we offer the added benefit of extended appointment times as a norm, we plan to see only 4-5 pet families per day, this will allow us to cater to your family’s individual needs and focus on the importance of client education. After all, our goal is to equip our pet families with the tools they need to provide the best care possible for their companion animals to thrive 365 days a year.

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